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Research & Development

Our R&D department works daily in the research and study of new trends, raw materials, and production techniques, offering our customers special access to the most vibrant novelties, and expanding market and product diversification.

Sourcing of Fabric & Trims

Planning and purchasing of raw materials are two departments that act transversally in our Company’s activities. We have fully effective control of our raw material needs, as well as real-time management of our internal supply chain and relationship with outsourced resources. Trims are extremely valuable on a garment. We have a department to deal exclusively with the development, purchase, and handling of trims. Permanently in line with our customers, we are constantly searching, developing, and suggesting all kinds of accessories to add value to their garments.

Quality Control of Raw Materials

The quality control of raw materials is carried out by capable and properly trained technicians, using automatic inspection machines, upon arrival at our facilities. They analyze fabric rolls and perform full or partial inspections, according to parameters that are internally defined for the different types of raw materials. This process allocates and marks the nonconformities which are then analyzed by the responsible technician, who will determine their posterior management during cutting, if possible, or the non-acceptance and return of the raw material.

Pattern Making

We believe that Pattern Making is an art. It is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to one or more curves of the human figure. Pattern-making is a bridge between design and production. Our patterns department has a team of experienced and committed pattern makers who, assisted by the GGT-CAD and Echo-CAD systems, develop a work that is key to the quality and adequacy of the final product.

Fabric Cutting

With two fully automated and one manual cutting table, our GERBER cutting system is paramount in our production process. More than 90% of the garments we produce are cut in-house. This allows us to manage raw materials very effectively, removing the eventual non-conformities (streaks, stains, etc.) found by quality control, during the cutting process, with automatic or manual marker planning, which, together with the patterns department, allows us to ensure, with a high degree of certainty, an appropriate production behavior in terms of measurements.

Garment Stitching

After the cutting and printing process (optional process), cut components are sent to the sewing department. Operators stitch and assemble garment components one by one and make the complete garment. At the time of sewing, garments are checked by quality checkers. Stitched garments are dispatched to the finishing or washing department if washing is required.

Quality Inspection

Intensive internal checks are performed on every product batch before leaving the floor of the manufacturing facility. On regular basis, we hire external audit teams to perform quality controller checks and provide us with their professional feedback.

Packing and Shipping

Following the buyer’s instructions, the garments are poly-packed by color, size, and type. Then bundled and put inside a custom-made carton according to our client’s demands. Each carton has vital information printed in a form that can be read from outside the carton with ease. The products are then finally shipped to various Brands around the globe.